Child and Pet Friendly

Although rugs and carpets are quite comfortable for the entire family, it is an unavoidable fact that there are some downsides associated with these modern luxuries. Depending on the thickness and materials used, carpets can be literal breeding grounds for a host of bacteria and other potentially undesirable organisms. This is particularly important if children or pets are in a home.

In fact, molds and fungi are two of the leading causes of allergies in children and adults alike. Should such substances remain trapped within a home, breathing can be uncomfortable and in certain instances, asthma and other respiratory conditions can be drastically exacerbated. It is very obvious that all rugs and carpets need to be cleaned on a regular basis.

The Concerns with Traditional Cleaning Techniques

There are a handful of important variables that need to be considered when attempting to clean a carpet. Obviously, the techniques and the substances used must be strong enough to produce viable results. However, they will also need to be safe for the environment, children and pets. Unfortunately, many cleaning services are unable to find a balance between these two concerns.

Many of the chemicals that are employed in carpet cleaners are highly toxic. However, they are also designed to smell enticing. Although an adult will certainly be aware of the danger of accidental ingestion of such substances, children and animals certainly will not. Also, we should never forget that young children are prone to crawl along the floor and lay on these very same surfaces. So, it becomes extremely clear that harsh and even dangerous chemicals should never be used in homes with younger children or pets.

A Careful Balance

At ProCleanse, we believe that children and the environment are two of the most important concerns that we should all take into account. So, we will only utilise chemicals that are completely safe. These non-toxic compounds are specifically designed to be child- and pet-friendly. Therefore, our customers can rest assured that their loved ones are never placed in harm’s way when they choose our services.

While this may be a lesser-known fact, some of the chemicals that are used in conventional carpet treatments are highly toxic to the environment. Unfortunately, these are frequently disposed of incorrectly. This can result in these substances entering into the soil and even our drinking water supply. Obviously, this must be a major concern for all families. As our cleaners are perfectly safe and biodegradable, this is no longer an issue.

Safety With An Edge

While it is indeed true that our carpet cleansers are quite safe for you, your children and your pets, we should not forget that our techniques are also much more thorough than traditional methods. This arises from the fact that some conventional approaches will only clean the surface of the rug or the carpet. Such a superficial service will not be able to remove the dust mites and other allergens that are trapped deep within the fibres. This can result in a prolonged problem and a great deal of time devoted to a technique that hardly addresses the very real underlying issues. With our services, even the most stubborn particulate matter will be removed completely.

So, it is clear to see that our methods are superior at cleaning your carpets. However, all of this would be to no avail if the health of your children and pets is at risk. Using completely safe cleaning agents we aim to protect both you family and the environment at all costs while never sacrificing our ability to sanitise your home.
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