Cleaning Hacks for People in Northampton

Cleaning Hacks for People on a Budget

If you are planning to do some cleaning, note that there are amazing cleaning hacks that you can try in sprucing up your home on a budget. Also, there are common everyday items found in your home that you can use as cleaning tools. These may include but not limited to hairdryers, toothpaste, coffee filters and more.

Cleaning products are usually costly, especially if you purchase different gadgets and sprays that you can use in cleaning the different parts of your home. But if you are attempting to clean on a budget, you can just look around your own house as there are products that can surprisingly be great cleaning alternatives and cleaning hacks. These are as follows:

  • Clean Vases with Denture Cleaning Tablets   

You can actually get rid of dirty stains by simply filing the vase with water and dropping a denture-cleaning tablet. When the fizzing stops, musty smell, and stain would be gone. You can also make use of this to spruce up jewellery.

  • Getting Pen of the Walls Using Alcohol Hand Gel

If you have kids, you might have come across unwanted pen marks on the walls at a certain point. If you have tried everything but to no avail, you can try alcohol-based hand gel for this cleaning alternative can do the trick. You just have to squeeze small amounts of gel in a clean and soft sponge, and you will see how quick pen marks disappear before your eyes.

  • Removing Nail Polish Using Sugar

If you happen to spill nail polish on the floor, you don’t have to worry. You just need to sprinkle sugar quickly all over while it is still wet. This can make nail polish clump. Therefore, you can easily hoover or sweep it up without the need to scrub the floor.

  • Handwashing with Baby Shampoo

Baby shampoo is gentle enough for the hands and is also gentle for your delicate clothes. So when hand washing them, it would be best to use this than use intense laundry products.

  • Cleaning Radiator with Hair Dryer

Pet hair and dust often collect behind and on top of radiators, and these are hard to reach without the need to dismantle them altogether. Just blow the hairdryer back and forth to blow out dirt, dust, pet hair, and cobwebs.

  • Cleaning Tiles with Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Are you sick and tired of cleaning hard to remove dirt and stains from grout and sealant in the bath or shower? Rather than using a bleached spray, you can try using a toothbrush and toothpaste instead. Toothpaste contains fluoride, which is effective in removing stains and leaves your bath and showers sparkling.

  • Cleaning Baths with Dishwasher Tablet

A simple and quick way of cleaning your bath is filling it with clean hot water and dropping dishwasher tablets. Just like your dishes, the bath is often plastic or ceramic therefore this works a treat. Rinse thoroughly after 5 minutes.

These are just a few of the cleaning hacks available these days. Others might include bi-carb and salt to clean the oven, coffee filters in cleaning windows and more. Click here to find out more on the topic!

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