Cleaning tips in pitstone

Crazy Cleaning Tips in Pitstone

Cleaning can be a daunting and tiring task, but with the right techniques, routine and tips, this task becomes a lot easier and more manageable. If you plan to engage yourself into cleaning, the following crazy tips in Pitstone can actually work on your favour:

Unveiling Items with Excellent Cleaning Powers

People usually rely on commercial powders, potions, and sprays in their homes, scrubbing gears, and many other tasks. Nevertheless, the usual household items and nature have equally incredible powers provided that you know how to properly use them. The following are surprising items and hacks that can make your home and your valuable possessions sparkling, clean, and refreshed:

Coffee Filters for Glass Cleaning

Glass cleaner and paper towels are the usual things used when cleaning glass windows and mirrors, but these still leave spots and streaks behind. If you want to clean and make your glass windows shine, use coffee filters. This will guarantee you with spot-free and shiny glass cleaning.

Baby Wipes for Chalkboard Cleaning

If you want a clean slate, without chalk dust or residue, use baby wipes. This can effectively work in clearing off the surface of your chalkboard.

Hairspray for Clear-Drying Erase Boards

If you got a stubborn stain in your dry-erase boards, you could clean this by using hairspray, particularly in removing the stubborn stain. Upon spraying and then erasing, you need to wipe down using water and soap to eliminate sticky residue.

Vodka for Camp Gear Cleaning

Vodka is an effective agent, and you can use this in cleaning your smelly and dirty camping gear. You just have to freshen up your camping gear and other outdoor accessories and then mist them with some vodka from your spray bottle. Adding essential oils help if you want some freshness.

Dryer Sheets for Stuck on Food Cleaning

It would be difficult to use just soap and scrubber in heavily burnt and stuck upon food. You can actually make this task easier by means of dropping dryer sheets to the dirty pot that is filled with water and soap. Dryer sheets can amazingly clear grime and junk off.

Chalk for Oils Stains Removal

Oils stains on clothes are really stressful things to deal with. The good thing is that chalk can do wonders on those stubborn oil stains. You just need to rub white chalk on the stain, and then this will be absorbing the grease and make the clothes stain free.

Vegetable Oil for Wood Floor Cleaning

Vegetable oil is not just good for frying eggs and baking ingredients for cookies, this is also good on wood floors. If vegetable oil is combined with vinegar and put into a spray bottle, this can get you the shiniest wood floor.

These are just a few of the many items and hacks available these days that you can use to engage in easier and more effective. You will be surprised to learn that the best products that you can use are just around your home or found in your surroundings.

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