Emergency Carpet Cleaning Tips You Ought To Know

Getting your carpets cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner always proves to be advantageous. Considering that doing it yourself can be very tedious and you can have problems giving it a sparkling new appearance that it should have. Though you should always ensure that you have your carpet cleaned at least twice a year by a professional, some times you can find yourself in an emergency situation that will certainly need an immediate action or the result might lead to a permanent stain.

Accidents will always happen, its something we do not have much control over. Your carpet can always get stains from accidental spills and that is why you are recommended to arm yourself with tips for dealing with such situations. You might want to avoid looking for your professional carpet cleaner every time an accidental spill stains your carpet, but if you feel the need to consult your carpet cleaner it is for the best, otherwise here are some carpet cleaning tips that will help ensure your carpet stays clean from accidental spills.

ProCleanse recommends that if you own a carpet you should always be prepared incase something ever gets spilled on it. The first call to action is mainly to prevent the carpet from staining, you are therefore required to have the following solutions and items in hand to aide deal with any spillage that happen as quick as possible:

You will need a clean white towel that you can use as an absorbent

You should have a Surgical spirit or any other dry cleaning solution, you can purchase this from your local chemists

Don’t miss Ammonia Solution – mix one tea spoonful to a cup of warm water

A Detergent solution, particularly the gentle detergent that is best suited for woolen materials. Mix one teaspoonful to 300ml of warm water.

And last but not least you should have Detergent Vinegar Solution

Take note that you have to use the white and not the malt vinegar. Add a teaspoonful to the detergent solution mentioned above.

The above are some of the tips that should prepare you for any emergency spills that could stain your carpet. ProCleanse also advices that you familiarize with some general cleaning tips so that you not to mess up while trying to get rid of the spill.

First you should never over wet the absorbent materials

Ensure that at all times you use the recommended ratios while diluting the detergents

You should always blot, don’t rub or scrub the carpet

It is very important that you test the solution on some waste woolen material before using it on your carpet.

Always keep the carpet as dry as possible, at some point you have to encourage quick drying after treating. If possible you should use a hairdryer set on mild heat to dry.

Stains are always worked from outside of the stain moving inwards this is to avoid spreading of the stain.

Stains are always worked from outside of the stain moving inwards this is to avoid spreading of the stain.

The cleaning solution is applied to the absorbent first and not to the carpet directly.

The general carpet cleaning tips should always ensure that you don’t make common mistakes that many people with little or no carpet cleaning experience make. Now the main issue is cleaning your carpet. You should know that the stains are categorized mainly by the solution that will work best on them. Below are the recommended categories by ProCleanse that one should ensure to note to successfully deal with different stains. To be on the safe side you could always refer to this whenever you want to treat your carpet.

Urine, Tea, Liquid Foods, Coffee

Solids, Fats, Oils, Shoe Polish. Ointment, Chewing Gum, Tar
After scrapping out the excess spillage using a blunt knife, you will first use the dry cleaning solution and then followed by Detergent Vinegar Solution.
Soft Drinks, Sweets, Ice Cream, Chocolates, Glue, Blood, Vomit
First scrape up the excess spillage from the carpet, and then using the Detergent Solution start treating from the outer edge of the spill working your way to the center. Then you have to follow up with the Ammonia solution and blot dry.

Mix a part of white vinegar to 4 parts water and put the solution into a spray bottle

Spray the stained area, then blot to remove the excess moisture

Spread a white dry absorbent towel over the affected area, place weight on top and leave for at least 20 hrs to dry up.

With this emergency carpet cleaning tips you are in a best solution to deal with accidental spills on your carpet. But also note that some spills could prove challenging to deal with, but that is nothing to worry about as you can always call your professional carpet cleaner to assist