What we do - Pro Cleanse

If you are tired of looking at worn, dirty carpets or you just feel that your home could do with an extra cleanse to make it looking as good as possible you should contact us for an efficient, reliable, service. Cleaning carpets can be an extensive job. Most householders get as far as the occasional vacuum, without considering the extensive dirt and dust which can build up over time.

Many householders do not consider that dirty carpets can also be a breeding ground for dust mites as well as a source of common allergies. Why not save yourself the time of giving your carpets a full and thorough clean and conditioning, and contract us for a friendly, quick and easy cleaning service.

We are a modern, environmentally friendly company that can bring the most up-to-date techniques of carpet cleaning to your home. Our experienced operatives use high power, yet sensitive, cleaning techniques to restore your carpets to their full colour and level of hygiene. We can take the hard work out of cleaning your carpets and leave you free to enjoy your home.

Our service includes-

Stain removal. Bringing carpets back to their original condition by removing stains and other marking.

Carpet cleaning. Our careful cleaners will make sure that your carpets look as good as new.

Allergen removal. Cleaning your carpets will help remove allergens, such as those spread by dust mites.

Moving furniture. We move furniture so you don’t have to.

Moving furniture. We move furniture so you don’t have to.

We provide a service for:-

Households. We can clean your carpets on a regular basis, or for special occasions.

Landlords. We can restore carpets to a good condition for your new tenants. We keep a full record of cleaning costs.

Retail. We can improve your business by making sure that your carpets are clean and fresh for your customers.

Offices. Good carpets reduce allergens and potentially work absences. They also are a sign of a positive environment and can improve productivity.

Pubs and cafes. Removing stains and making a positive impression on customers.

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